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How do we best introduce ourselves to you?

Like this:

We, Joachim and Gabi Bambach, are Bible-believing Christians who have founded “bambach.care GmbH & Co. KG” and “bambach-flex.care GmbH & Co. KG”, manageable medium-sized companies that provide highly qualified nursing staff nationwide in the areas of clinical intensive care, operating room equipment care, anaesthesia care, dialysis care and clinical specialty care.

In our love for Israel, the Jewish people and people in need worldwide, we have for years taken the opportunity to support charitable organizations and people through donations.

In order to optimize this process, we have decided to found this non-profit support association.

The organizations and people we support are all personally known to us and we have always convinced ourselves on the spot of the authenticity and value as well as the seriousness, especially in dealing with aid money, even in faraway Cambodia.

The legal form of the support organisation “Light & Salt gUG with limited liability”, gives us the possibility to donate through our companies on the one hand, and on the other hand to open up the possibility for donations to a broader public. This entitles us to issue donation receipts that are recognised by the responsible tax office.

We would be very pleased to win you as a supporter of the presented aid organisations and people. Together we are making an important contribution to direct help which not only expresses God’s mercy but also blesses Israel, the “apple of God’s eye”.

Many thanks for your support!

Our Team

Joachim and Gabi Bambach have jointly founded the “Light & Salt gUG with limited liability” funding body. We live in a time when the atmosphere around us is getting darker and darker. We would like to bring a little bit of God’s light into this darkness and make sure that the light of God in Jesus Christ spreads around us and through the various supports.

It fills us with joy when you help us!

Gabriele Reinspach-Bambach, partner and Joachim Bambach, managing partner

Founder of „Light & Salt gUG“

Lukas-Samuel Bambach

Advisory board of "Light and Salt gUG", certified health and nursing care worker

Joanna Debora Bambach

Advisory board of "Light and Salt gUG", administrative employee

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