Solemn vigil

Why a vigil?

Christians of the most different denominations assemble and pray in silence:

  • for the Chancellor; that he also has the courage to do what he says according to his words about anti-Semitism;
  • for all politicians; that they put an end to political considerations and empty words about anti-Semitism;
  • that politics becomes authentic and believable again („say what I do and do what I say“);
  • for God‘s mighty arm moves people‘s hearts to action against anti-Semitism, especially among all responsible decision-makers in politics and business;
  • God‘s comfort, love and confidence for our Jewish siblings;
  • that we Christians – no matter what denomination – stand up and lay all silence on anti-Semitism in Germany down and loudly confess the truth of God;
  • in personal concerns on this topic

History of the development of the vigil

November 2017:

  • “Jews to the gas shouts” on German streets
  • Deep personal shock
  • Three days in a “state of emergency”
  • Idea vigil
  • Organization and realization of the first vigil on 20.12.2017


  • From 14 to 15 o’clock on Fridays when we are not in Berlin we organize an “online vigil”. Would you like to participate? With pleasure! Please let us know about your interest via We will then send you a link to participate.
  • 10.11.2023, from 2pm to 3mp in Berlin, Square in front of the Federal Chancellery | November Pogroms 1938 (Kristallnacht)
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