Solemn vigil

Why a vigil?

Christians of the most different denominations assemble and pray in silence:

  • for the Chancellor; that he also has the courage to do what he says according to his words about anti-Semitism;
  • for all politicians; that they put an end to political considerations and empty words about anti-Semitism;
  • that politics becomes authentic and believable again („say what I do and do what I say“);
  • for God‘s mighty arm moves people‘s hearts to action against anti-Semitism, especially among all responsible decision-makers in politics and business;
  • God‘s comfort, love and confidence for our Jewish siblings;
  • that we Christians – no matter what denomination – stand up and lay all silence on anti-Semitism in Germany down and loudly confess the truth of God;
  • in personal concerns on this topic

History of the development of the vigil

November 2017:

  • “Jews to the gas shouts” on German streets
  • Deep personal shock
  • Three days in a “state of emergency”
  • Idea vigil
  • Organization and realization of the first vigil on 20.12.2017


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